Each and every sport brings about a different nature of challenges. Some require quick bursts of energy, while others need stamina for performing for a long period of time. With our analytics, diagnostics, specialists and advisors, we aim to provide support for coaches to help their athletes excel in their domains and keep their performance consistent while greatly reducing chances of injuries on the way to improving their performance. Some of the sports that we already cater to are below.


While cricket is known to be a highly technical sport, it also requires a player to generate maximal power output, be aerobically fit and mentally tough. Be it the test or the 20-20 format of the game we tailor our programmes to take in to account the playing speciality (batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders etc), the workload demands through the season and individual needs of the cricketer, to keep a team at consistent peak performance and manage injury/fatigue.


A footballer is required to have a significant running capability, with quick acceleration and the ability to quickly change directions. We ensure that we meet the needs of a team to play specific positions, recover from one game to the next and have the physical preparedness to prevent injury.


Golf is known to be a mentally challenging game, but requires precision and power as well. While looking at the current condition of our golfers, we help present a case to improve or create consistency in their swings and mental focus.


Swimming is a sport that requires endurance and the ability to keep breathing patterns and cardiorespiratory functions functioning effeciently while excuting techniques that require power generated by the entire body. Our athletes can measure these parameters with our advanced analytics programs to track improvements in the efficiency of movements in the water.


Badminton is the fastest racket sport in the world requiring highly agile movements, fast reaction time and power. Our athletes are trained to be well-balanced, lightning quick and mentally agile to excel in their sport.


Tennis requires an athlete to perform repetitive intermittent power movements with little time for recovery between these movements. We test and train our athletes physical capabilities to keep up with the demands of the sport and make precise and powerful movements even in the last set of the game.

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