Our wellness and fitness offering is an integration of our services aimed at continuous education directed at improving your overall understanding of your general well being. The approach covers not just fitness but also empowers you with information about your body composition, metabolism, performance and overall health. Based on your objective diagnostics and personal goals, we tailor make a programme for you to confidently achieve your goals.

Our team of nutritionists, physiotherapists and exercise physiologist guide you through this journey.

Personal Training

We help individuals achieve their fitness goals by designing bespoke programs that optimize results and efficiency. Our design philosophy of the exercise prescription creates a balance through performance, nutrition and supplementation. Our constant performance reviews ensure that you are always progressing with your plan and are in alignment with your goals. We use exercise analytics through wearable devices to track and monitor performance.

Semi-private Training

Training programmes for small groups (between 4 to 6 individuals) are designed to focus on team dynamics while moving everyone towards a mutual goal like training for a marathon or improving movement patterns or simply to get stronger together. These sessions are a good balance between personal training and group classes.

Group Training

This is suited to individuals who have good basic movement patterns and are looking for a supportive environment to stay active. This class offers a variety of options regardless of training background. From strength & conditioning to improving running form to flexibility, HIIT and outdoor training.

There are currently two batches offered at the Invictus Prime Facility:

Mornings 6:30 am – 7:30 am
Evenings 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Executive Programmes

Your organization needs to be at the top of their game. Our combination of physical and mental conditioning provides a perfect balance to the executive programmes. Develop team dynamics, mental & physical agility and adopt healthy and sustainable lifestyle practices to progressively improve performance both at the workplace and at home.

General Consulting

Invictus Consulting Services provides  a unique platform for offering specialised consulting to enhance the performance of individuals and organizations.

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