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With a strong focus on scientifically-backed studies and research, the Invictus team is a group of individuals who are constantly taking their expertise to the next level. They design unique programmes with an inclusive approach and are always putting their heads together to deliver not just results but a sustainable approach to health & performance.

Varun Shetty
Varun ShettyCo-Founder, Invictus Performance Lab
An extremely driven and motivated professional with experience across multiple disciplines including Product Line Development, Strategic Alliances, Client Servicing, Crisis Management and Brand Building. Varun turned his attention towards high-performance fitness and in this pursuit built his skills to be deeply entrenched in the strength and conditioning arena. He converted his passion for sports science and performance medicine into co-founding Invictus. Varun is committed to pushing the boundaries of performance medicine by translating the latest cutting edge research and science into reality. He is constantly innovating at Invictus and using data and analytics to set new benchmarks in performance and conditioning. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a CSCS- NSCA certified strength & conditioning coach. He practices Ninjutsu and is always looking for a new adventure.
Shiva Subramanian
Shiva SubramanianCo-Founder, Invictus Performance Lab
Having started judo at age 8, Shiva went on to train in a number of disciplines including cricket, squash, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, kick boxing and fencing. With over 3 decades of training in different forms of martial arts, he is currently a 15th Dan Black belt in the Bujinkan. He is also an avid thespian who has acted and directed in a number of plays. After graduating from United World College of SEA and Nottingham University in International Management & Finance, Shiva surged to the forefront of India’s entrepreneurship market. His primary business interests lay in textiles, the production & export of Coffee and F&B ventures in various locations across Bangalore. He currently drives cutting-edge innovation and is pioneering think tanks across verticals as diverse as Infrastructure, Life Sciences, Preventative Health, Renewable Energy and High-Performance Fitness.
Rohan Mathew
Rohan MathewHead of Exercise Physiology & Research Projects
After graduating with a Masters in Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology from Bangor University, UK. Rohan worked on training and testing both elite athletes and special populations with disabilities. He has conducted extensive research and training related to human movement science and worked extensively with Rise Legs, a Bangalore-based start up that makes well-designed and cost effective mobility aids for physically challenged individuals, including para-athletes. He worked closely with two para-athletes that represented India at the Cybathlon in Zurich, the world’s first Olympics for bionics. Coupled with his passion for scientific research and commitment towards understanding the human physiology in depth, he constantly pushes the boundaries of knowledge and technological adoption at Invictus. Rohan is also a gifted musician and a trained martial artist.
Dony Lonappan
Dony LonappanHead of Strength and Conditioning
Dony’s passion for basketball started when he was just 10 years old. He went on to represent his university and aspired to ultimately play in the NBA. After pursuing a degree in Hotel management, Dony realized his passion still lay in basketball. Through his journey, he noticed the absence of a holistic ecosystem to support athletes as well as the lack of a science & research driven approach to sport in India. This determination led him to develop an ardent interest in sport specific strength and conditioning. With a number of years of experience as a strength & conditioning coach, he currently also coaches kids at the ‘Get Buckets’ Basketball Programme. A fantastic chef, Dony is working to create a dream kitchen and nutrition service solution for athletes.
Nimrod Brokman
Nimrod BrokmanHead of Mental Conditioning
Nimrod is a mental coach with a specialization in Sports Psychology. He served in the special forces of the Israeli Army in the Search & Rescue Unit for 4 years. Nimrod started fencing at the age of six and went on to represent Israel at an international level. Being an athlete himself, he understood the need for mental conditioning and its vital role in the making of an athlete. His experience inspired him to pursue sports psychology and mental coaching in college. He has worked with tennis players, swimmers, footballers and surfers and most recently worked with the Israeli Olympic surfing and sailing teams in preparation of the Rio Games. He is a certified shiatsu therapist and loves rock climbing, slack-lining and practicing yoga.
Kiran Kumar
Kiran KumarHead of Technology Innovation
With a passion for Technology and Innovation, Kiran has around 10 years of experience in solution design & development, support, operations management and client management. He has worked as a solutions architect for enterprise level technology solutions in various domains including Financial Portfolio Management, Smart Data Management for Research Teams & Industrial Risk Assessment. Having been a student of martial arts for over a decade, he is currently a 10th Dan in the Bujinkan. Through this path, he also developed a keen interest in the science of Strength & Conditioning and High Performance Fitness. With a strong focus on data analytics, he is committed to driving innovative support systems in the segment. He is currently working on Coach- Assist apps and an Athlete Data platform to bridge the gap between athletes, coaches and technology using real time tracking and coaching via sensors and digital tools.
Rijvi Selva Raj
Rijvi Selva RajAssistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Having worked with companies like Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs and Founding Years Learning Solutions, Rijvi brings her diverse experience in the areas of finance, corporate relations, content creation, research and communication to drive her passion in the healthcare and sustainability segments. As a fitness enthusiast and a student of martial arts, Rijvi decided to pursue Strength and Conditioning with a focus on human physiology and movement patterns. Her research interest are sports science and functional movement systems and she’s currently working on building protocols for women- specific training for different sports and disciplines.
Alia Abreo
Alia AbreoCommunications and PR
Alia has a degree in Economics & Statistics from St. Xavier’s College and has worked across renewable energy, sustainability and IT services in marketing and communication roles. Her areas of expertise lie in public relations, digital and social marketing. She drives brand marketing and communication and establishes strategies for the evolution of Invictus’ digital platforms. She also helps to optimize and personalize user experience and communication protocols for sporting teams and athletes. As a keen golfer, trekker and martial artist, she strives to increase awareness and promote sport and the need for a healthy lifestyle to all Indians.
Yashodha BHHead of Physiotherapy
Yashoda heads Physiotherapy at Invictus and has a Masters degree in Sports and Orthopaedic Physiotherapy from SDMCPT. She is also a certified manual therapist , aquatic therapist and a sports physiotherapist. Her speciality lies in performing sports-related biomechanical assessments and pre & post surgical rehabilitation. Yashoda also has a keen interest in aquatic therapy and integrated aquatic and land based physiotherapy especially for older clientèle .Her research expertise and interest has also been in understanding sports injuries, spine dysfunction, rehabilitative and corrective exercises.
Abhishek NayakPhysiotherapist
Abhishek is an orthopedic physical therapist who has a Masters in Musculoskeletal Manual Therapy from Manipal University. Under the state government of Karnataka, Abhishek prescribed assistive aids and planned rehabilitation programs for children with special needs. He has also worked to rehabilitate patients with spine, soft tissue and hand injuries in Kasturba Medical Hospital.He has a keen interest in neurodynamics and has completed a Clinical Neurodynamics course from Neurodynamic Solutions Australia. Abhishek enjoys riding his motorcycle, landscape photography and strength training.


Dr. Karthik
Dr. KarthikConsulting Radiologist
Dr. Karthik is a Chief Radiologist with over two decades of Radiology experience in London. He has a CCST (UK) in Radiology and is also a fellow of the Royal College of Radiology and Member of the Royal College of Physicians, UK. His wide gamut of expertise includes musculoskeletal ultrasound diagnostic imaging and therapeutic procedures, CT/MRI arthrography and joint, muscle, tendon and cartilage imaging. He also specializes in contrast enhanced ultrasound and CT guided procedures. He has worked extensively as a consultant sports radiologist for a number of football clubs in the EPL.

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